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Interested in a painting? Confused by the content of the video series? Want to find out more about ideas expressed in his novel? What better setting to ask questions and get to know the artist than a day on the mountain skiing or snowboarding.

For those of you that have spent a weekend stumbling down a mountain with a group of experienced skiers now is your time to get your skills up to par. Maybe you have always wanted to try skiing but never had a receptive partner. You can employ Mitch to patiently take a ski or board lesson with you and then guide you around the mountain for the rest of the day.

Maybe you're an experienced skier that has followed the artist and don't like what he stands for. Perhaps you are from an old family that still has a pair of dueling pistols somewhere. What better way to express your discontent with a cockey American artist than loading your muzzle loading flintlock pistol and giving him the standard  15 pace headstart down the mountain before you pursue and try to place a lead ball somewhere in Mitch Miller's flesh .

Mitch Miller's official response: It was a pyrotechnic stunt to advertise my fledgling media company.

Use the contact button below to sign up on Mitch's schedule for a trip to 7 springs ski resort  near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He'll give you a price for your customizable trip including a ride from the airport if needed. He has a sturdy 4 wheel drive vehicle that will make it to the mountain and back no matter  the weather conditions 

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