Anarchist: One who believes in true direct democracy meaning one vote per human on a grounded wired internet without interference from wireless networks or satellite systems.

Atheist: One who feels that untaxed and unregulated organized religion is the cause of all war, genocide, and travesties experienced throughout history to the current date.

Mitch Miller is an artist, activist, and house painter based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Please feel free to read his short stories in the Outdoor Guide section or SS tab and browse his art pieces which are for sale.

The Black Hole Podcast

I am a 35 year-old handyman/ artist that has taken a job as a coal miner in southwestern Pennsylvania. Every night after my shift I take audio notes of my experiences. My goal is to have a half hour podcast per week for the first 8 weeks as an apprentice coal miner. I will publish new episodes each week. Below is the link to the listing of episodes on Buzzsprout a podcast hosting website. Please share if you can and thank you for listening.

The Black Hole Downloadable

I have submitted my podcast to google so that you can download and listen at your leisure. The link to The Black Hole podcast is below and thank you for listening. 

The Black Hole iTunes

If you don't want to learn about coal mining but want to hear Mitch's opinions on social issues, listen to the last ten minutes of each week. Now downloadable on 

The Black Hole on Spotify

I've put these links on my website because even though I'm listed on these platforms, if you go directly to the platform and search "The Black Hole" my podcast is not popular enough to show up.

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Listen to The Black Hole Podcast on your Alexa device using the link to Tunein below.

The Black Hole Stitcher

Dig deep into the universe's mysteries on Mitch's podcast about coal mining in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

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Listen to The Black Hole Podcast on I Heart Radio by following this link.

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Please donate to produce a short movie that reveals United States patent fraud. Make a note with your donation if you would like a copy of the screenplay. So far we have raised $410 of the proposed $10,000 budget. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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Mitch for Direct Democracy

Mitch puts in his bid for Mayor of Pittsburgh

Covid 19 Response

Mitch wants any Pittsburgh resident to know he is there to help during this crisis.