Detained Again

In May of 2018 I was once again incarcerated in a mental facility. This time it was in my home town and I did not to speak during my entire 68 day incarceration. I kept paper notes of every interaction I had with doctors, staff, and family. I have begun the process of turning these notes into a novel. Before being incarcerated my hopes were to become an outdoor adventure guide. I was able to write some short stories during my 68 day incarceration and later at the long term facility where I was able to access the internet and update my website. I posted a short story to this section each week. Below is a statement I was able to type at the first facility when they escalated my 302 petition to a 303 petition. The statement was never read aloud into the record but I hope you will take some time to read it along with the other short stories. Thanks.

302 Retraction 201 Eviction Universal Donor

My name is Mitchell Miller and I have been through a series of pharmaceutical testing involving radio and wireless mobile waves and a drug known as risperidal or risperidone that causes me to be unable to talk in hospitals, clinics, and other detention facilities that are equipped with Wireless Fidelity, Bluetooth, or exist within a land based mobile network. I was picked up by the Pennsylvania State Troopers on 322 west of Franklin, PA where I graduated from high school, and brought to UPMC Northwest for what they call a "welfare check". I informed the police that I do not receive welfare but do possess a card linked directly to the federal treasury.

Because I am mute in these facilities , I have found my time here quite difficult. First of all the phones that dial out do not have a standard handicap tone button. The button on the handset should simply create a tone so that someone like me can communicate with Morse Code, instead it is a loudness adjustment. Furthermore a simple teletype computer that is not internet capable would be nice to help communicate. I have tried to communicate with two of the Doctors here that I am Quaker Atheist and it is against my religion to receive any type of treatment from a prison, hospital, clinic, or mental facility.

The reason I have experienced these strange pharmaceutical tests both here and in Europe is twofold. First, my wife and I met at the University of Pittsburgh and now she works for this institution, University of Pittsburgh, and carries our joint insurance. I have been trying to separate myself from her and her family after investigating her executive father's company Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. However my mother and father have separate insurance as well, my father's being with the state and my mother's based off of the local school district. I clearly stated that I do not have insurance in the ER when being processed and I did that because of all the testing that has been done on me in the name of "care".

I have been keeping up with the government in the news quite regularly using C-span and other sources and am aware of the opioid epidemic. I believe that this epidemic is largely due to the appointment many years ago of a Drug Czar in the Cabinet of the Federal Government. I'm not sure why we chose a traditional Eastern European title for a U.S. Cabinet position but after what I have witnessed in the Czech Republic I believe that the United States might have quite a hand in the Ukraine conflict. I also have evidence that my father-in-law Charles Gilbert Koller, Junior might be the actual Drug Czar even if the internet states differently.

The reason I have been through this type of pharmaceutical programming is because in college <university> I signed up for 2 separate Pharmaceutical studies for some extra cash. It is my belief that my Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Gannon is able to access these studies in her computer even though they were supposed to be "sealed" and more than 10 years has passed since the studies so they should be "dumped" or "wiped". I believe she has done this to sit on a false diagnosis for my condition to collect money from private pharmaceutical companies.

I think the first step to get away from a life of constant testing via UPMC and Johnson & Johnson would be for UPMC to produce my original contract for these studies and dump them from the system. A 302 Petition in the PA Constitution is not a warrant, it is a petition that by definition requires more than one signature with pen and paper. My mother has signed 2 of these so-called petitions and the first one was electronic in Pittsburgh. In the clinic where doctor Gannon works you are asked to sign "waivers" to communicate with friends and family for the year. With one signature UPMC and the Government are able to monitor all communications and even hypothetically monitor my house under the excuse of checking on "Behavioral Health". It is my belief that just one signature from a mother could begin a so-called "petition" involving various physicians attaching their electronic signatures and DEA numbers to one decent man and his mother, rather than multiple peers uninvolved with the field of psychology, signing to incarcerate someone in this fashion. To be clear, Dr. Gannon's Clinic has switched to an entirely electronic signature pad check in, and I have not signed any paper waivers in the past year to share information with any entity including this facility or its' physicians and nurses.

I have asked to be divorced from my wife but I believe the first step is to be emancipated from her parents. To me, a person who has never owned a smartphone or Wireless capable computer, this emancipation process would be as follows. Lori Koller and her spouse Charles Gilbert Koller Junior must wipe all of my friends and family's information from every computer they jointly or separately own including smartphones, tablets, home PC's and write the contacts by hand if they wish to stay in touch. If Mr. Koller's stock options, benefits, private equity funds, mutual funds, money market accounts, venture capital accounts, venture capital funds, or 401k are attached to any type of computer or technology able to store information about me or my friends and family in any way, he must provide evidence to me of all named parties being "wiped" or "dumped" from all systems. It is my belief that once this has been provided to me, a civil divorce or separation can begin, instead of me being trapped in facilities like this on my wife's Cadillac health care plan. I do not need healthcare, I do not want healthcare, I cannot afford healthcare, and in my opinion this is illegal incarceration at the hands of privatized medicine.

I have spoken about how both Johnson and Johnson and UPMC can begin to rectify this very serious situation so, now I would like to explain how the Government can begin to reverse mass incarceration at the hands of private or not-for-profit medicine. As I have stated I am Quaker Atheist, which means I am only able to receive treatment in an ER awning, in the field, or in a Black Cross tent. I am strictly forbidden from being processed into a facility or computer system. The government can aid with my right to religious freedom by acknowledging the concept of the "universal donor". This is a human person that has a blood type that can be given and that blood is accepted by any other human body.

I have stated to the Pennsylvania State Police that I do not know my blood type and all samples of my blood ever taken have been sent to laboratories that (to my knowledge) do not disclose my blood type to my physicians nor enter it into a computer. For too long the Universal Donor has not been valued societally nor paid fairly by the Blood Bank for their donations. It is my belief that the United States Federal Government should pay the healthcare costs for all Universal donors no matter what their citizenship status may be. Furthermore the U.S. Government should ensure that the Universal donor can get 3 separate opinions from 3 separate physicians or teams of physicians for every procedure and that these physicians are in no way paid or receive compensation in the form of money, food, or gifts from Pharmaceutical Companies or Medical Device Manufacturers.

My father-in-law Charles Gilbert Koller Junior is an Executive Vice President of Contracts and Strategy at Johnson + Johnson. As far as I can tell, he has stated that the strategy side involves "damage control" when large class action suits or other malfeasance hit the news. Even if you refuse to admit that UPMC or it's physicians are attaching their names or licenses to one Mother's signature to form a petition, there is another explanation. As I stated, a petition by definition is more than one signature on paper and because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to trial by jury this 302 petition requires 12 signatures on paper in my presence. I haven't asked my father-in-law the standard strategy when malfeasance within or at the hands of Johnson and Johnson is discovered, but what if it simply involves approaching the mother of the witnesses to sign a 302 "petition" or "warrant" as law enforcement like to call it, with the promise of future monetary compensation? That would place the witnesses in a mental health or behavioral health facility where their credibility before the government to testify is diminished as well as is their credibility in the media. When inside a Jail, Prison, Hospital, or Clinic, your ability to communicate is completely cut off and we no longer provide one phone call from jail upon arrest in this nation. I am currently incarcerated in this private medical detention facility and this hearing on these grounds is illicit in nature. All trials and hearings must be held in a public building funded by tax money not based off of addictive industries such as drugs (pharmaceuticals) or gambling. I am detained without any ability to communicate and my First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech has been trampled upon multiple times by UPMC, Allegheny County, and the Pennsylvania Government. I should be allowed to walk off of this facility of my own free will and volition. Thank you.

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If you would like to see Mitch complete the novel about his 68 day stay in a mental hospital please send him an email encouraging him to do so. In return he will send you a link to his first novel which is about an incarceration in solitary confinement.

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