The Lawn Cockney

Break down the barriers of racism with a piece of iron from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the Steel City

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The Lawn Cockney Statue

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A Lawn Cockney purchase is a major decision.

Stay in touch about your order, the statue is heavy and may require a special delivery. Most prices do not include shipping which could be several hundred dollars. I ultimately want to bring good tidings and fertility to you family and willing to travel a bit to do that.

Plot M

4914, Parsely Way Pittsburgh, PA 15224, us

(412) 440-3450

Link to Terrorism Factsheet

A quick link to facts about American death's due to terrorism domestically and abroad since the year 1995. Compare to the yearly death rate of Americans killed by police linked below.

terrorism factsheet

Link to Police Killings Talley

A quick link to the Washington Post's compilation of civilian deaths do to police force. They have also compiled data for the year 2015 and 2016. This tally for 2017 is lower than the one produced by The Gaurdian proving varying methodology.

Washington Post Police Shootings

Lawn Cockney Fertility Statue

If you place an order for a Lawn Cockney Fertility Statue, you will receive a new freshly painted statue.