I experienced the coincidences before and I explained them in the most simple and logical of ways. They continued for 6 years as I struggled to get people to take notice of a piece of literature for which I refuse to claim total responsibility. When the coincidences intensified like before, I knew what had happened. Humans were manipulating the technology. I know the difference, and had those humans simply acknowledged me, the state of affairs in December 2015 could have been blamed on the supercomputer scapegoat.

I knew what they were doing, so, I isolated myself from all media and listened to music without lyrics. I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped using the internet, an experiment that not many in this era try. I began painting to stay productive while I stayed in my house. I experienced an immense amount of pain while I painted and often had to contort my back and hips while I stood painting. They knew I knew and were trying to kill me. It is one thing to roll a loudspeaker outside of a building and ask people to evacuate before using this technology. If the announcement never comes it is undeniably torture.

I had put videos on the internet expressing my right to freedom of speech. I thought the least offensive, and most modest way to draw attention to the human free will backup plan was to make calm and intelligent observations on the internet. Who would be offended by a person with no financial backing, no credibility, totally unaffiliated, and with no secret network of support? I even wrote both parts for the interviewer and person being interviewed so that the few people that did help wouldn't be responsible for the content.

I tried to protect my father-in-law from whatever form corporate scrutiny takes by writing a document that effectively takes me out of his will if he even has one. I even went as far as to defend his corporate lifestyle in the controversial piece of literature housing the path to free will.

I proceeded to write letters to the last vestige of analog communication. I wrote letters to various radio stations on every continent explaining that I had some interesting things to say and welcomed the review of the government within which the radio stations operate before I said them. I wasn't even going to mention torture I just wanted to get some important concepts on the table.

I have written to governments about a yet unnamed entity that I can explain if given the time. This entity originates in the United States and they did try to kill me.

In the age of the internet it is interesting to wonder if young men google the names of the parents of the person they are dating or try to find other information on them through the internet. I am 32 and the thought never even occurred to me in the 14 years I have known my wife.

My father's father's father was a steel worker. My father's father retired from that same steel mill. My father worked that same mill until the recession of the 1980's. Had that not occurred I would probably be working that mill as well.

Instead I went to University, graduated, and became an independent business owner. When I say that I am the last independent business person from America, I mean that I have absolutely no corporate contract. I have no phone contract, internet contract, materials contract, and own zero stock of any kind.

One month ago as I sat on my couch experiencing the stupidity of corporate America being beamed into my head for yet another night I picked up my tablet device. I went to the google search engine and typed in my father-in-law's name. Within seconds the oldest living male bearing my Miller family name manually dialed my mobile number into a LAN line to call me. In the five years I have owned my phone that had never occurred. That is the extent to which this entity, which has not yet been named, operates. I am trapped and nobody wants to believe me. I am the first but others will be trapped.

I have written to China from Denmark. I am aware of a steel industry near the coast to facilitate shipbuilding. Maybe they will invite me to their nation to hear what I have to say and entertain my ideas. At the very least, perhaps they can get me out of the only contract I currently have. It is a marriage contract.

Then I can humbly take a position on a steel production line. I am 32, of sound body and mind, and ready to start over. It seems appropriate for me to take my family line to China, where it will die in the fires of molten steel of which the symbols of modern civilization have been built.