In late September of 2016 the Artist Mitch Miller fled the United States after multiple attempts to seek Asylum abroad. He was able to make his way to Aalborg, Denmark where he followed proper European courtesy of informing the local police of his presence in their city. After revealing some privacy issues with a Scandinavian owned hotel chain, Mitch Miller decided to try to extract some non-incriminating information from a Pharmaceutical Executive in order to better explain why the artist fled the United States. After asking the executive to clearly identify himself the executive immediately went on the defensive, attacking the artist by calling him delusional. Mitch Miller was forced to abandon his original questions and took another line of questioning.

Hurt by the refusal of aid, the personal attack as to his sanity, and the condescending nature of the executive's insistence that he knew the best course of action for the artist, Mitch Miller decided to respond by creating a series of videos that attack not only the Pharmaceutical Industry, but any American Institution he saw incongruities within. While living on the streets of Aalborg and with no budget, the artist was able to use the library system to post the videos to youtube while simultaneously maintaining a typed journal that interacted literarily with the videos on his website.

The videos remain in their original format and stand alone as one man's intense 3 month stand against the institutions of the United States that make it an insane place to live. Some videos are ethics lectures, some are European architecture observations, some are even edited comedic skits. Because Mitch Miller intertwines pop culture throughout his video series, even the times the artist doesn't seem to be making sense, the story ties into other reference points. Overall, when viewed on youtube with the original dates leading up to the presidential election, along with the titles and descriptions provided, these 5-10 minute videos are truly some of the most intelligent entertainment one can consume.

This being said, the video series is intended to be viewed in chronological order. Rather than linking every video to this website, below we have provided some samples of the 164 part video series. The easiest way to access the series is to go to the youtube website and in the search bar type "Mitch Miller Masonic Storyteller". This should bring up the channel that contains the 160+ videos. I hope you will consider subscribing to the channel and sharing on social media.

Unfortunately, Mitch Miller was not extended the same courtesy by the Danish authorities. In the face of a Passport violation, the artist was arrested rather than being asked to leave the country. He was brought back to the USA on the night of Trump's inauguration, extracted from an aircraft by secret police and put into a mental hospital for "treatment". While incarcerated in the private medical detention facility the original website at this address was placed on a "Black list" and all of the literary content that gave the videos another dimension of meaning was lost forever. Rather than trying to recreate the original site I have decided to start fresh.

Too Big To Fail

 While a little long, this is an excellent sample of what Mitch Miller represents. He references the CIA movie "Spy" in which it appears the CIA can watch their operatives using a satellite. 

Civil Rights

The artist tries to explain that one avenue for fighting for Civil Rights could be insisting that it is not natural for human bodies to be constantly inundated with invisible wireless waves. Those with brain cancer and mental illness may be suffering so that others can use their mobile to get sports updates. Only the baseline amount of radio waves emitted from the sun is what a human body can handle without consequence. After all everyone thought cigarettes were safe for over a hundred years.

George Lucus Infiltrates the Danish Government

 The following series of videos reveals yet another conspiracy that Mitch Miller stumbles into. While trying to make a funny edited video referencing Hollywood, the artist discovers that special Star Wars juice bottles are rejected by the recycling machines even though they have a label that says they can be recycled. Skip to the end if your only interested in the evidence. If you are stumped because the rejected bottle is plastic, you should know Denmark pays about 12 cents per plastic bottle.

Better Shot of the Label

Did Lucusfilm Ltd. manipulate the Danish equivalent of the EPA into buying their new hologram readers for their recycling program? The world may never know, because Denmark kicked the only man suitable to investigate it out of their country rather than providing him support. Skip to minute 10:30-11:00 to confirm the Yoda label. 

Legos and Pajamas Will Program Your Kids

Mitch stumbles into the keystone of multiple conspiracy theories while browsing a department store in Denmark. George Lucus and his Hollywood cronies got Trump elected using petroleum products such as legos and bottles. Star Wars has a market share of lego sets and a sales rep slips a video game reference into a department store clothing rack. Maybe it didn't get Trump elected but it might get one of his sons elected someday and video game sales will continue to soar. 

Dishonest Publishing

One can only set a record for the year they are currently in. You must set the record during the year it will be recorded for, not the year before the periodical listing the new best is published. Therefore a periodical listing records for a year usually comes out the following year and never the year before. This is a simple concept in record keeping and if you go to my youtube page you can see this video was published in 2016.