Netto XI

I've noticed spiral staircases as an architectural feature to some of the buildings of Copenhagen. In the park near the forum there are a few gated spiral staircases leading underground. Depending on if you're a pessimist or an optimist you may see these staircases as spiraling up or spiraling down.

I've noticed a tendency in most young people in places where the standard of living is high to be optimistic of the future. They believe in the corporate ideology that constantly investing in new technology will fix all of our problems now and in the future. I fall somewhere in the middle. We stand at a crucial time where if we are not vigilant of technology we may enter into a downward spiral. I've always believed that it was my responsibility as a citizen of a nation with high living standards to inspect a dose of pessimism on a regular basis. After all, I can always have a beer afterwards to reflect. Many others aren't so fortunate.

A Danish man living in Ukraine stayed with us for two days. He was speaking about travel and gave some good advice about traveling to Aarhus. We began speaking about trains and he explained how Denmark placed an order for new trains nearly a decade ago but something had fell through. I told him of a similar situation I was aware of in France with some mixup having to do with the gauge of track.

Journalism pertaining to politics in Europe is beyond my realm and not being a native born European it would always be out of my comfort zone to comment on. I was hopeful coming to Europe because unlike the U.S. many European nations have multiparty systems which I believe produce a more intelligent populous and government. Two weeks ago I wrote to newspaper and radio offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany, as well as Denmark with the title "U.S. citizen tortured and seeking asylum". I am beside myself that not even one radical tabloid would expend the time to do an interview over the internet or telephone.

I found a bar around the corner that reminds me of bars back home. The decor is nice and there is an old painting of Napolean on the wall. The people all know each other and were very friendly to me. When they asked why I came to Denmark I tried to explain my complicated story. Though I came to speak to the government I am not trying to hide anything from the Danish people should they ask.

I quit drinking four months ago so that should I meet with the government they could be sure my strange side effects weren't due to drugs or alcohol. I still like to hang out at bars though and I go often in the evenings to sip tonic. Last night I watched three of the women I met impersonate different characters who come into the bar. They were very animated and, though I didn't understand a word they were saying, these Danish women caused me to laugh.


Is the time soon coming when people feel uncomfortable poking fun at each other in the pubs and bars? These institutions have always been the societal pressure relief valve for satire and political commentary. These women aren't being watched, but technology has created a paranoid society. This level of paranoia can easily manipulate those public figures that could in their own mind justify being watched even if no one is actually expending resources to do so. This idea alone could lead to a society that is stagnant and without change at a time when some change is needed.

Has society devolved to the state where the great minds of investigative journalism are indoctrinated into a world where they gather information on entities and bodies spying on each other? Do they then enter this information into some type of marketplace on the Dark Web designed to fill bank accounts rather than get that information to a publication that informs the people? There has to be a point where these bodies stop worrying about Public Relations and Damage Control and allow one person with little credibility express freedom of speech. Just as the funny Danish women at the tavern didn't mind when I laughed with them. 

I know that I am not mentally ill and I also have experienced the paranoid thoughts that some public figures may experience as a manipulation strategy. I am grounded in a reality that allows me to ignore these thoughts and I hope they do too. There are probably others in America trying to get their information out to the public but being drowned out or isolated by a sea of automatically generated misinformation. When you have a person that can ignore the paranoid delusions and intelligently criticize the institutions of his home land, why would you let that go? If you do, I fear that society enters a downward spiral and there is bound to be a market of others that want to hear and contribute to that intelligent criticism.

There is a website from the U.S. called It is a citizen to citizen marketplace I have used quite often through the years. I placed a painting for sale on the Copenhagen, site. Seeing that it is not that popular I also placed an ad on the Berlin site: No luck yet so I'll try the bay near Strøget again.