The main street ran parallel to the beach and showed the rear sides of the buildings. The local woman led me between two of the buildings and we neared the beachfront. She pointed at the bluff and said I could follow the main road beyond it to get to the beach I was asking about. I thanked her for the directions, and she walked back toward mainstreet.

I could see 4 barstools from where I was standing that stared into a nice sized establishment. It was mid-morning and the bar was empty except for one patron. I grabbed a stool and an ebony skinned woman came over after several minutes. She made me the specialty of the day and I paid her in cash.

The nice bartender went away and I glanced into the shaded dining area. A white medium hair cat jumped up on one of the tables. It had 3 dark orange stripes on it's tail, one for each ring I had lost. A small girl of about age 6 or 8 was sitting at the table and an older Black man age 60 or 80 was leaning against a rail near the table with a broom propped up near him.

The young girl with fluffy hair spoke to the cat as the old man turned his gaze from the sea. I had noticed that men younger than him tended to the boardwalk with standard issue black handle brooms with black bristles. The man at Lizzy's had a broom with a black handle and rainbow bristles.

Perhaps it was a gift or perhaps he was a royal guard protecting the young heiress. I sipped my fruity ass drink and looked out at the beach. There were pigeons and seagulls fighting over crumbs on the boardwalk. The birds squabbled and as I looked on I noticed one of the pigeons was missing a leg.