Today I walked to Strøget to try to sell one of my paintings. If I could just sell one I would cancel the ticket and stay longer. It would be a sign that somebody wants me here. The ants are extremely active today. I can see hundreds of them scurrying about the cobblestone. So far I've noticed two different kinds. There is a normal black ant that looks just like the ones in the States. Then there is a smaller ant that has a wide leg span and looks almost like a spider. I didn't count the legs so maybe it is.

As I walk through the city of Copenhagen my eyes are drawn to the many spires on the buildings. All of them seem to be copper and many of the main roofs of buildings are also copper. Many windows are trimmed in copper as well.

There is one copper spire on the corner of city hall that looks like it has been cleaned. It has a dark patina to it rather than the green protective layer of oxidation that the other spires have. As I look at the spire I can see the sun reflecting through swirling seed pods. As I watch them I realize that they are changing directions under power so I am actually seeing the sun reflecting through the wings of some type of fly.

On my way here I passed a whole building with its exterior green and covered in copper. There is also a new building covered in fresh copper. Using copper for a building material in the age of information seems odd, so maybe this new building is covered in a copper toned stainless steel.

I have two speculations from the extensive use of copper in Copenhagen. My first would be that the Danes have some copper mines or a good source of copper. The second comes from the age of the buildings. I can speculate that there is some type of metal workers guild in Denmark. Once establishing this architectural characteristic to Copenhagen, they could continue to negotiate for it into the present time. They may have possibly even used their collective bargaining powers to pass some zoning regulations with the government.

One of the tallest and largest buildings in downtown Pittsburgh is the U.S. Steel building. I'm unsure of it's height but it has an interesting design feature. Much of the structure of the building is located on the outside in the form of a steel exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is filled with water so that the steel will stay rigid in the course of a fire.

Gone are the collective bargaining powers of the United States Steelworkers Union and their offices have been relocated to a more modest building. I remember when the four letters UPMC went up on the U.S. Steel building standing for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Although affiliated with my former university this medical provider is its own entity of non-profit tax status.

I have noticed that most windows in Copenhagen swing open and do not have screens in them. There doesn't seem to be much need for screens as I haven't noticed many flies except for today. These two segment flies keep finding their way into my hair as I sit writing and trying to sell my art. It's an active day for insects but not an active day for future millionaires.