I found a cemetery in Valby. It's rather large and at its southeast border are the rail lines. I meandered through the cemetery looking at the stones. There is a memorial for British soldiers that died in transport from captivity during the end of WWII.

I wandered past the recessed square lily pond with terraced concentric squares bearing tombstones. I turned towards the center of the cemetery when the cackle of crows caught my ear. It sounded as though the murder was large and they were quite excited.

I’ve noticed the crows, like the gulls; in Denmark have a dark face. The crows have a black face and then a dark smoky grey body. I turned back towards the excitement and found around 50 crows in the heights of a tree cackling loudly. They eventually settled down into their roosting order.

I couldn't help myself and I put both of my hands in front of my face to create a shaft. I tried to imitate their call and came very close. The murder of crows evacuated the treetop in a flourish of sound and motion. I tilted my head back to watch and smiled for the first time in Copenhagen of my own amusement and not the good intentioned smile of a foreigner speaking with locals.

There is an iron walkway that I followed to a brick pavilion where four iron walkways intersected. I continued on the iron walkway towards the railroad, then turned towards Valby. Along the road there are many rows of identical markers. I walked these markers and found that they were soldiers that had died during WWII.

I picked a daisy and walked through the markers when I experienced an episode of deja' vu. Deja' vu is a concept for people of my age of having the feeling you've been somewhere before or had a dream moment that became reality. I grew up knowing this as a naturally occurring phenomenon of the human conscious. With the knowledge I had, I was aware that future generations would no longer be aware of this concept and would be manipulated into believing that it was some type of special power.

I walked to the edge of the wood to have an emotional moment. His voice isn't in your head Mitch. Your fine Mitch, you're not hearing the racial slurs Mitch. It's better here, they speak different languages.