I was coming from the post office towards my location on Toftegårds Alle'. I noticed a hubcap someone had leaned against the wall in case the owner circled back around to look for it. I wondered if there were used hubcap dealers in Denmark. Even the plastic ones could fetch up to $40 dollars U.S. if they were in good condition.

If I was an enterprising Danish young man I would check to see if someone scooped the hubcap up. Probably if no one got it in two days I wouldn't feel bad about grabbing it and selling it to a dealer or on the internet. There were two more hubcaps on my side of the street. One of them was missing one of the fake lugnuts but might be worth something. For some reason the stretch of Søndre Fasanvej between Roskildevej and Valby Langgade causes cars to lose their hubcaps.

I reach the corner of Sondre Fasanvej and Valby Langgade where there is a blue sign showing a pedestrian and bus stop direction. A day or maybe two ago the sign was leaning at a 23 degree angle to the sidewalk. The municipal workers are quick because today the sign is back at it's proper 90 degree angle. There is fresh packing sand between the cobblestone around it.

I have noticed that many European cars have trailer hitches. These trailer hitches very much look like penises as the shaft curves up from under the car and the ball connection looks similar to the mushroom tip. In the U.S. the hitch comes straight out from the bumper and the ball connection has a threaded shaft with a nut so that it can be interchanged with different size trailer tongues. I couldn't help but thinking about the trend in the United States to hang balls from their trailer hitches.

As some may know many American men are proud of their large trucks. They like the large and powerful engines that power them and often buy exhaust accessories to enhance their sound. Someone had made a niche market by creating a mold of a scrotum sac including veins and making plastic replicas in a variety of colors to attach to a trailer hitch. This of course signifies that the truck has "balls" or muscle, implying horsepower.

It would seem that these plastic testicles would make a much better reproduction of male genitalia if it caught on in Europe. I tend to believe that the Europeans are a bit more classy than that. It is an entertaining notion nonetheless. 

Passing the narrow secondary street Mølle Alle' to my right I see two pruned trees in the sidewalk. They are standing but dead. I wonder what type of permit I would need from the city to chop down the trees. There would be ample firewood to keep me warm for at least a month should Christiania accept me. That is, unless I could find a Danish woman kind enough to volunteer to keep me warm.

As I approach the schwarma shop with the scaffolding in front on Toftegårds Alle' I notice a watch battery on the cobblestone. I decide to go back and pick it up. I don't want the rain to wash battery acid into the sewer system of my host city. I noticed a battery recycling bin in Christiania, I'll take it there tomorrow.