In Fredericksberg Park there is a building near the zoo bearing the name Hærons Officersskole. Facing this sign there is a courtyard to the left and to the right. The courtyard to the left has a stand of five meter high trees planted in neat rows of five by fourteen. At the end of the fourteenth row is a geometrical shape of grass with three meter high cone shaped hedges at each corner totaling four. The courtyard to the right has a younger stand of trees that are four meters high. There are three wooden posts lashed to each trunk for support. The younger stand of trees are in rows of four by fourteen with the manicured grass beyond. I am unfamiliar with the art of landscaping, but there is a rounded rebar cage surrounding two of the hedges on this side. I am unsure as to whether this protects the plant as it grows or whether the plant grows around the cage using it for support.

The building looks like an old Danish Palace and there are two stairways leading down into the Park. At the bottom of the stairs are dirt footpaths with patches of grass growing sporadically within. I notice that one path is less worn so I decide to take the path less traveled.

Reaching the end of this path towards the water there is a gaggle of geese relaxing. As I near them I notice two are milling about so I approach them. I try to get as close as I can hoping they don't attack. Canadian geese in the United States will often get aggressive when approached. The geese in Fredericksberg Park are tame and do not attack.

I've noticed a crest or seal in Copenhagen on which there are three birds. When illustrated in color there can be no doubt as to the species or coloration of these animals. For all I know it is the seal of Denmark, but I believe it is the city seal because I have seen it on manhole covers and other items I equate to municipal fixtures.


Have you seen the three unique birds of the Copenhagen sewer lid crest? One lucky day I saw all three. The first was an albino or all white pigeon and I saw her at the bay. As I crossed the square in front of the courthouse the next hen was strutting. She was mostly white with equadistant black speckles and no variation on tail nor wing. The final pigeon was seen on Vesterbrogade almost to the park. She is an all black pigeon and was pecking at something on the sidewalk.

Toftegårds Plads is a square park at the corner of an intersection. In one corner is a sculpture that somewhat resembles strips of film. In the opposite corner I have noticed a lot of pigeon droppings. As I go to cut accross the plaza for my evening non-alcoholic beer there are four pigeons standing in the heavily occupied area.

I approach them and notice their heads are retracted as though they are resting or sleeping. Not wishing to disturb them I sneak slowly past at a distance of one and a half meters. Two of them stir popping their head up but I move calmly enough that they do not flush.