Netto X

The idea had formed long before the exposure. It was for a film of which my wife was skeptical. As always I showed her the information and she seemed critical but her advice was helpful. She had a trip to Germany coming up in several months and had invited me to accompany her. I knew I would send the letters then.

The previous year while in Germany she had met a colleague that was kind to her. The German colleague was married to a Lufthansa pilot. My wife had mentioned that we may be able to stay a night with this couple during our trip.

It was perfect for a couple acting as equals. I take bold actions and she has plausible deniability. I never told her about the letters but staying with fellow civilians was ideal for my situation. This way they couldn't just hack a hotel network to see what I was doing.

I decided I would ask this German family if I could do some work using their internet. I would look up the postal addresses I needed to send the letters from Europe. If the NSA or some other entity were watching they would have to tap a German citizen's network.

I had already complimented the women of Germany for their level headedness. Because of their role as a leader in Europe I wanted to show the Germans what I was doing. This functioned in two ways the first being if the host couple asked what I was working on I would openly show them. The second functioned under the knowledge, though hard to prove, that my own nation or a body therein was watching me.

Once I began searching the addresses I was sure to catch the attention of that body and hopefully the German equivalent of that body. My hope was that the German equivalent was still wholly tied to the government. There are several rationales for why the Germans would receive the information. First and foremost a foreigner entered their nation and began searching those addresses. Second, many American pilots come from the military and so I assumed that the German pilot may be former military which was ideal and could be confirmed upon arrival. Thirdly, most pilots in the U.S. are members of the Civil Air Patrol and if the Germans had an equivalent then the household could be considered one of a civil servant. The level headedness and ethics of the Germans would cause them to do an analysis of the foreign civilian and after I had left then revoke surveillance of the property.

Lying in bed with my wife we talked of our trip. I mentioned that I wouldn't mind taking a train to Switzerland. I didn't mention I wanted to send some letters through their postal service.

I knew the letters wouldn't get me far but maybe someone in Europe would want to back my project. At the very least I would break out of the U.S. cyber bubble and no longer be watched by just one entity. And since the U.S. had broken the German cyber border first the Germans could now watch my actions when I returned to the United States following our trip.

Both my spouse and I are Alumnus of the University  of Pittsburgh. The center of this University is a 42 story high building called the Cathedral of Learning. It indeed looks like a very tall gothic cathedral but because it is state funded the University has no religious affiliation. The first three floors house the International Rooms which are classrooms decorated in the style of many nations including some beautiful woodworking and antique furniture from the nation of origin. I once thought this building was the perfect symbol for the future of the city of Pittsburgh.

My wife informed me that the trip had changed and I should join her in Prague. She was selling our pillow talk to recruit another generation to the university. Instead of Switzerland it was the Czech Republic. Corporate America needed to add another program and dominate another nation.

Had the torture not have come I would have had the money to get to Germany and Switzerland. The internet didn't work in Prague but I still wrote the letters. If I could get them to the politician maybe she would see they got delivered.

My spouse and I's equality has been lost. Now I'm a madman wandering Europe and she holds all the credibility of an average American citizen. There is a generation of University  of Pittsburgh alumni out there that do want to recognize me as an Alumnus. They want to utilize the Cathedral of Learning to facilitate independent brick and mortar universities to the places that need them. The generation currently enrolled has become obsessed with collecting assets and are so afraid of the unknown that they use her business school to stay one step ahead of me. The transition to Cyber College has begun and without a physical campus to house and protect information the age of misinformation is upon us.