Mitch Miller Series

Mitch Miller was an executive for Columbia Records in the 1950's and 1960's. He is more famous as choral conductor. He produced over 30 albums in this role and also had an NBC television show. Sharing his name, I noticed that all of his album covers featured pictures of him on the front. Mitch Miller passed away in 2010, and though I never met him, I can't help but think he may have had a mild streak of vanity. In an attempt to recirculate these forgotten vinyl albums I have decided to make them into time capsules. By painting upon the covers and then framing them, one might never know there is a vinyl within. All of my Mitch Miller pieces feature the Guy Fawkes mask. I collect clam shells from a creek I grew up on. I then grind the shells into a powder and mix them into the white oil paint for the mask. 

Mitch Miller I: Oil on album, $250 +Shipping  

Framed: $300 +Shipping

Stereo Repair

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