Netto V


I've been trying to sell my paintings at the area locals refer to as the bay. It is a channel that cuts in from the sound with many nicer restaurants along it. As I sit on the wooden cap beam to the sea wall writing, the albino pigeon from the seal of Copenhagen approaches. She gets very close to my tablet and is trying to read what I am writing. She can't understand the English because she is only fluent in Danish, Swahili, and Thai.

There is a cobblestone promenade that people mill up and down. Many tables with umbrellas sit in front of the restaurants along the promenade. Flocks of tourists arrive in large tour boats that hold 200 people and disembark at the end of the channel. The boats are nearly the width of the channel and must maneuver carefully doing a 180 degree turn to head back out of the bay.

There are two black European men that walk back and forth collecting empty containers for recycling. Many people come to sit on the sea wall and share a six pack of beer. The recyclers are very quick to extract the empties when they are finished.

On the way back I cut across the causeway in Sankt Jørgens Lake and notice a family of swans. The two adult swans are large and white. There are six swanlings that have a grey coat of down.

In Fredericksberg Park there is an irregular ringlike canal at the center. The walls of this canal were formed by pounding two inch thick wooden planks into the ground. For a fee you can utilize the locomotive powers of a citizen of Denmark to row you around the canal in a gondola.

Along the canal I found another pair of swans. This family of swans consisted of only one swanling. I am unsure if Denmark has any marmots, but the feed at the nearby zoo would be sure to attract them. They may have stolen some of the swan eggs to feed their family.