SS Intro


In July of 2016, I made my second attempt at seeking asylum in the EU. My neurological symptoms had continued and, under belief that the government could not protect me from this type of damage even on my own property, I felt an urge to be out of the country on it’s Independence Day.

I had been off of the psychotropic pharmaceutical Risperdone for nearly 7 months at this time. I had been put on the drug in 2010 while trapped in solitary confinement. I wanted to prove that the sudden onset of neurological symptoms was not due to the drug, but to more sinister causes I could explain with physics.

My nuptial partner reluctantly allowed me to travel to Denmark, but insisted I buy a return ticket for the end of July. I had asked for a divorce in January, but was confident we could remain in a relationship even if I had to live abroad for several years.

Despite my diagnosed “mental illness” I was able to travel to Copenhagen, stay in a hotel for a week, and spend the rest of the month in a private apartment thanks to Air BnB. In most nuptial agreements, partners divide their daily chores to become more efficient. 

On a tight budget, I was able to obtain a mobile phone and contact every politician’s office for which I had a phone number. I also effectively used the library system to reach out to all email contacts I had for politicians of every nation in the EU. Furthermore, I was able to stay groomed, feed myself, complete laundry, and update my website for a month. 

In the States, I had completed a series of mach interviews to show some hypocrisy within American Institutions. Fearing that the lack of cooperation from European Politicians was due to these videos on Youtube, I took them down within the first week of July. I also canceled the Facebook account I had not used since December of 2015 due to inside knowledge. I was surprised that both accounts had a waiting period to erase data, with the Facebook account taking multiple weeks to totally erase. 

The idea was to take all of my images off of the Internet out of fear of their abuse and misuse. To counteract any claims that other substances were contributing to my neurological condition, I had quit alcohol in January as well. Seven months with no foreign substances and I was functioning fine except for my neurological symptoms.

I was hoping that a Politician might know a physician not connected to the pharmaceutical industry that could conduct some tests proving my body had become damaged. Though I wasn’t ready to write the screenplay that would explain how all of this had happened to me, I continued to write short stories and post them to my website every 3 or 4 days.


The following short stories are the ones I published from Denmark. I wrote them in a notebook and then typed them directly into my website building software. When my website was “blacklisted” and eliminated during my incarceration, the stories disappeared from the digital archive.